Official Symphony Nova Scotia Program

Be seen as a supporter of Nova Scotia’s arts and culture community

Over 38,000 patrons will peruse the Symphony Nova Scotia house programs during the 2017/18 season. These beautiful high-quality, glossy keepsakes are the guides for 56 concerts performed in Greater Halifax and demand cover-to-cover reading. The house programs provide information to the audience on the performances, the conductors, the Symphony, its supporters and the music scene in Nova Scotia.

Your ad will be seen by people with a disposable income; they are university educated, high-income earners with representation from most professions. Advertising campaigns within the house program offer a highly effective and cost-efficient method to deliver your message to a captive and desired target market.

  • Over 75% of our audience are over the age of 45. 42% have household incomes of $75,000+; of those, 50% are over $100,000.

  • 92% have college or university degrees; of those, 47% have graduate degrees.

  • Symphony Nova Scotia audience members dine out an average of 3.7 times/month and 56% expect they will dine out prior to a performance.