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If you’re browsing the web with six tabs open and the TV on in the background, you may not be fully receptive to all of the advertising going on around you. But if you’re reading a magazine, you’re generally focused on just that. As magazines and their readers continue to evolve, it’s clear that Canadians have not changed their love of the medium. (Not only that, but there’s no “ad-block” for print!)

  • Canadians’ love affair with print magazines continues: 47% read print only, 41% read both print and digital and 8% read digital only. Print remains an important part of the reading experience for 92% of the audience. (Vividata Winter 2022 Study)
  • 77% of Atlantic Canadians consume and engage with magazine brands (Vividata Winter 2022 Study)
  • Nearly 1 in 4 magazine readers search online for a product, brand and/or service advertised, while just over 1 in 10 made a purchase. (Vividata Winter 2022 Study)
  • Brands that advertise in print magazines achieve higher favourability, purchase intent and ad awareness than they do online or on TV (Vividata Q4 2015 release)
  • Worldwide, over 42% of Internet users and over 41% of Canadians report using an adblocker ( 2022)

With an engaged and active online audience, our publications extend our advertisers’ reach into today’s fastest growing readership segment. The bulk of our traffic is specific to the Atlantic Canadian provinces and surrounding areas. Our prime advertising space is ideal for local businesses looking to engage a refined, responsive community.

  • Digital marketing spend is forecasted to account for 35% of total budgets in 2016 (Business2Community)
  • Canada’s online population remains one of the most highly engaged audiences worldwide. (Magazines Canada Fact Book 2015)
  • Digital magazine readership in Canada increased dramatically from 1.85 million readers in 2013 to nearly 5 million in 2015 (Magazines Canada Fact Book 2015)
  • Media audiences rated magazine websites as having the best (rated 3.3 out of 5) advertising experience compared to other websites. In addition, website users claim that magazine website ads (54%) attract the most attention (Magazines Canada Fact Book 2015)
  • 83% of those who visited a magazine website went to an advertiser’s website after the ad caught their attention. 53% recommended a brand and 51% purchase the product after seeing the ad (Magazines Canada Fact Book 2015)
  • 25% of magazine readers in Canada read digital-only magazines. 75% read both printed and digital magazines (Magazines Canada Fact Book 2015)

At MGP, we understand the importance of an integrated approach in today’s saturated market, where it’s difficult to catch a consumer’s eye. But with so many mediums to choose from (print, digital, social, mobile, radio, television), how do we know which method is best? Well, the answer is simple—an integrated effort improves reader recall rate and purchase intent.


  • 74% of Canadians remember an ad when it is viewed across multiple platforms (Magazine Canada 2015 Fact Book)
  • Print and digital ads enhance each other by creating a synergy that leads to readers having higher ad receptivity and purchase intent (Magazine Canada 2015 Fact Book)
  • 85% of respondents agree that they’re more inclined to buy if ads appear on both print and digital (Magazine Canada 2015 Fact Book)
  • The level of ad receptivity increases with the number of of platforms on which the ad is placed (Magazine Canada 2015 Fact Book)
  • Multi-platform consumption is a reality across all age demographics with 75 % of Canadians using more than one screen at once (Magazine Canada 2015 Fact Book)
  • 86% of Canadians aged 18 and 34 years old and 57% of those over 55 use two or more screens simultaneously (Magazine Canada 2015 Fact Book)
  • Consumers turn to magazine brands at multiple times throughout the day, for a variety of purposes, and use a range of platforms. Consumers typically bring three states of mind to their media consumption: catch-up time, focus time and down time (Connected Consumers, IPC Media UK, 2013)

Advertising Inventory

Let us help you plan a cross-platform campaign

  • Print Advertising: Variety of ad placements, including cover positions (inside front cover, inside back cover and outside back cover).

  • Promotional Insert: Materials are inserted into magazines loosely or glue-dotted, rather than the traditional printed ad.

  • Gate-fold Ad: An oversized page in a magazine folded and intended to be opened out for reading.

  • Display Advertising: Leader-board, Big Box, Double Big Box on any of our magazine websites.

  • E-newsletter Sponsorship:Sponsorship is a means to directly advertise to niche markets and responsive audiences.

  • Page Takeovers: Advertisers usually have a 100% share of voice on the homepage as no other ad is shown (high impact).

  • Sponsored Content: Authentic content aligned with our readers’ expectations, that aims to position the advertiser as an industry leader.

  • Social Media Marketing: Leverage our social following to gain website traffic, targeted brand exposure and a stronger following.

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