Bedford’s stories, featuring community
personalities, local history, news & entertainment

Bedford Magazine’s strategically developed controlled circulation allows us to reach the most desirable readers within Bedford.

Redesigned and refocused, Bedford Magazine works in complement with Halifax Magazine to tell Bedford’s stories, featuring community personalities and covering local history, politics, news, entertainment, dining, the arts, and stories of general interest. Each issue includes a variety of articles, all timely, topical and extremely relevant to our readers.

  • Published: 5 times yearly | Readers per copy: 3 | Total Distribution 6,400 | Readership: 19,200 | Audience: Urban adults, with high disposable incomes
  • Copies are distributed to homes within the B4A, B4B, B4C and B3Z postal codes.
  • Bulk copies are distributed at the following locations: Cobequid Medical Centre, Sackville, Sackville Library, Sobey’s, Bedford, Sobey’s, Larry Uteck, Sobey’s, Sackville, Sunnyside Mall, Sunnyside Restaurant, Superstore, Sackville, TD Bank, Village Vacuum, Walmart, Bedford Commons
    Women’s Health Clinic, Bedford